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November 8th, 2006, 06:23 AM
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I've seen a few of you on another board talking about organic foods and products and I thought it would make a cool board or maybe sub forum or something. This is something I am kinda new to. My brother and SIL have gone completely organic and have seen such great health improvements including weight loss and my parents do as much organic as possible but cheat a little! Right now I am bringing as many organic/natural products into my home as possible. We don't have a lot of money right now so that makes it harder but I think it's really important with the more you read about food processing. I notice on one of the other boards the ladies were talking about our girls developing faster and saying it might have something to do with the hormones in beef and milk. I hadn't ever thought of that but was wondering why are girls are growing up so fast! My SIL's developed so quickly. One started her period when she was 12, the next one was 11 and the third one is 10 and I know she must be very close. She has become so... uh.. developed. It's scary! Freaks my husband out! I brought up the milk/beef thing to him and he agreed that it was a good point. Something I'm definately going to look into. I told him "No non organic milk/beef for DAHLIA!!!". He agreed.. haha. We actually plan to give her nothing but organic foods or atleast all natural. I'm going to make her baby food but I'm seeing a lot more organic baby products so we will do the organic ceral and keep some jarred foods on hand for emergency.
Anyway, sorry for the rant! I just wanted to see who else out there was into this. I'm working on my organic baby blinkie (well, mine don't blink but that's ok) today!
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