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November 8th, 2006, 07:57 AM
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We do almost all organic or whole foods here. I hear from alot of people that they think they can't afford to go organic, but what I have found is if you give up all overly-processed foods from your diet and replace with only organic or whole foods (whole meaning 1 ingredient only(itself)~ or ~all ingredients listed are something natural that you can imagine growing from the earth) it is actually cheaper. If youre buying regular grocery items it is the processing and packaging you are paying for. And your health is paying for it too! (Organic milk however is expensive, but I have found milk that is not certified organic yet is antibiotic and hormone free for a decent price.) My suggestion for those who want to eat a whole, natural, or organic diet and don't want to spend a ton of money, when you go to the grocery store, only shop the perimeter of the store. You can get all the esentials from there- fruits, veggies,nuts, bread, meat if you eat it, dairy. Don't go down the aisles unless there is something specific you need to get, then just grab the item you want then get out of the aisle- do not browse. Just by following that rule, you will be eating way healthier and your bill will be less. Another good way to get organic or natural foods without paying a heavy price is to join a food co-op. We belong to one and I rarely need to go to the grocery store anymore and just about everything in the house is organic.
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