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November 8th, 2006, 09:09 AM
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havent felt good at all for a couple of days and night before last my back hurt all night,couldnt sleep well it hurt all day yesterday and at 9 am yesterday i started getting BH every 15 to 20 minutes.while at work they stayed pretty much 15 minutes apart and lots of sharp pains in the who-ha.get home and they go to every 20 minutes didnt get much sleep last night because of it and theyre still about every 20 minutes today with even more discomfort in the who-ha.i dont wanna go in just to be told im not makin any progress but its kinda frustrating to not know YKWIM? no bloody show,no mucous plug,nothing..but i didnt have any of these with my others either.what do yall think the odds are of this goin on for the next 3 weeks?what do yall think the odds are of actually showing some progress at app on tuesday??just need some reasurance i guess cuz im already exhausted and 3 weeks of this seems to be torture...TIA..i forgot to add that(TMI here) i had a realllly good bowel movement yesterday too.this is like a first this whole pg,so im hopin thats a sign? i feel like such a goob not knowin this stuff ive already given birht to 3 children but im as lost as last years easter egg this time around,its all so different thanks again yall
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