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November 8th, 2006, 12:02 PM
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Now we are home and nothing going on till 6:15.. Got some great deal at Old navy.. got DH jeans, 2 pairs of running pants and 4 shirts for $ he's done for christmas!!!

Also went in the Nature/science store and got Taejan a Melissa& Doug toy and Noah a brain busters they are done ..only have to get 1 pack of Pokemon cards and I'm DONE shopping![/b]
WOW, you've got all your Christmas shopping done already?!? You're one on-the-ball mama!!

I've got an idea of what we're going to get The Kids, but I've not purchased anything yet. (I've learned the hard way not to get things too early, because inevitably, they come up with something RIGHT before Christmas that they REALLY want!!) Reilly has mentioned an Easy Bake Oven several times, so we'll probably get her one of those and some "accessories" to go with it. Last year, I had purchased a set of play pistols with a holster for Deco, but we didn't give it to him because there were too many other things, so we're going to give him those and maybe a cowboy hat to go with them. (And a bandana, because cowboys ALWAYS need bandanas!) We'll probably also get the "Cars" movie for both of them...and that's all my ideas so far! Troy and I aren't going to exchange gifts this year, I don't think, because we both got laptops in the last 6 months and we figure that's a big enough expense to last us for a loooong time!

OH, OH, I'm so excited! My mom is getting Reilly an American Girls Doll this year. We've read all the books for all the girls (except Molly) and now it's just a matter of getting her to figure out which one she likes best. I keep saying, "Soooo, which story do you like best? If we had to give away alllllll the books except one, which one would you keep?" and other questions to try and get out of her which one she likes best ('cuz she's only gettin' ONE doll!!) but she says "I like ALL of them!!" I'm leaning toward Kirsten (she's the pioneer doll, 1854), but she also like Josephina (1824) and Kit (Depression era)'s SO HARD! They're all so cute!

OK, now I'm REALLY in the Christmas spirit!!!! Bring on the tinsel!!
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