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November 8th, 2006, 02:29 PM
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I love shoipping for my kids. I love birthdays and Christmas best of all! I get so excited over all the goodies I have wraped for them!
I have done all my Christmas shopping except for the adults...
Wow Lisa how could you not have purchased anything. I'm terrible, toys and stuff is like chocolate to me.

For Sarah's birthday I have bought her, her first two wheel bike and a pop-up puppet theatre.

for Christmas Sarah's main items are a playmobile adventure island, and a soft toy dog that wimpers, barks etc. My parents gave us the money to buy a new trampoline for them both. (so thats the grandparents present)Which is not a surprise since dd saw the box!
Then I do a large stocking bag, although it's not uncommon that I buy too many things for that.I think for that I have a packet of fairy tale books, a horse show pc game, a dvd movie, a felt craft puppet, a Christmas bangle, bubble blower, and a jigsaw puzzle. I'm sure to find a couple more things before the 25th.

Daniel has a Tonka truck, and a Little peoples set. We havn't started doing a bag for him because he dosn't know yet and we have heaps of toddler toys already. lol is that second child syndrome? We had a bag for Sarah from when she turned one.

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