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November 9th, 2006, 01:24 AM
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<div align="center">Caleb was 4 when Amos was born & we showed him videos & books of babies being born

He was in the room when from start to finish when we had Amos & he cut the cord with the help of his support person

When Elisha & David were born Caleb was 6 & Amos was 2 & they were both there as well but it wasn't as good an experience because they were 6 weeks early & Caleb & Amos had to stand to the side with their support people & couldn't get involved like we had hoped

When we had Peter & Malachi we planned on having a home birth but they turned breech at 35 weeks & stayed that way so because I wanted them naturally with no drugs I had to have them in hospital & because I might have needed an emergancy c-section we didn't want the older 4 there & being worried, having to be rushed out of the room because things were going down hill

I really regret not having them there now because I had them breech, naturally with no drugs in 2.5 hrs
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