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November 9th, 2006, 06:51 AM
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Nichole that was amazing, it is what I have been trying to express in many different forums. My mother is pretending to be on my side for the homebirth, but she would drive me to the hospital in a second, I"m sure. THe other day we were talking about it and she said that allowing my daughter in the HOUSE while I'm giving birth would be traumatizing!!! I told her I was sorry that she saw birth that way. I am having the midwife's teenage daughter there, she's very knowleadgable and can answer ANY questions DD might have (who will be almost three and is very emotionally mature) and could even drive her to get ice cream if things got really intense. Emmy has watched numerous birth videos with me and thinks it is the collest thing! She watched the HB one that our midwife made over and over again, LOL! She can't wait for it to happen and she is thrilled to be included so much, she comes to our prenatals and the MW lets her find the heartbeat. WE talk about what is going on inside mommy. My mother says that seeing me in pain would be damaging. First of all, I don't intend to be talking about how much it hurts, I'm not going to think of it that way, (per Ina Mae) they might very well be really intense sensations, but I see no reason to think of them as pain. Pain is a bodies response to something unnatural, it is how your brain knows there is a problem. ALso, yes, I caved in the hospital with the Pitocin, but for the seventeen plus hours BEFORE I got the epidural, I never made a sound. No scary screaming or grunting or even moaning. I may feel more like making some noise being comfy in my own home, but I'm not worried about being scary. I just kind of breathe and stay quiet. I was considering breifly having my MIL at the birth, as it's an experience that would be very eye opening for her. Plus she'd help me with the house after But, since she and I don't share the same views on birth, I was afraid she might discourage emmy from coming in the room with me, and make emmy feel wierd about it. I don't want that.

So I guess this turned into a rant (sorry, my mother has that effect on me) and I guess I am looking for some support, thank you nichole for this unknowingly timely post! I really love having this outlet!!
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