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November 9th, 2006, 11:03 AM
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I agree that one of the keys to childbirth prep for kids is to instill the 'normalcy' of childbirth into them. Let them know what a priveledge it is, for sure, but that it is normal and natural. Also, keeping from the idea of 'pain' and, instead, focusing on the HARD WORK that labor is instead.

Covered - what I ended up doing with my dm and mil was to say 'this is how it is, if I find, hear, or feel that you are not supportive or will do more harm than good in labor for my child and myself, I will have to ask another person to take your place'. It wasn't a threat, and I explained that children pick up on adults emotions and perceptions and internalize them. I also explained how a laboring woman is the same... so - basically, get on board in mind and spirit, or let me know you can't and I will get another person. At one point during my labor, my younger dd asked my mom (who was not completely on board for a long time - thinking 'can this REALLY be good for them??') "why is she so loud"? My mom said, "because labor is pai..... I mean.. hard work. Sometimes it can hurt, but it is worth it - and mostly it is just REALLY HARD WORK".

she didn't know I could hear her (she was whispering) and that moment assured me that she really understood.

I also made sure to 'role play' with them and we mimicked women making 'labor noise' and what to day/when to say it...

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