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November 9th, 2006, 11:30 AM
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I need a new life!

I feel like the worst mom ever right now. Things have been so crazy here. My dad is living with us ( he has the basement made up as a place to live) and is driving me crazy! He keeps turning the heat way down which makes the kids sick and is totally stealing my homeschooling. He is teaching her anything he wants and is skipping all over with history and such. I am so mad, cause he never asks he just does. I ordered SOTW for next year cause I want her to learn things in order and he's like I'll do what I want cause I pay the rent. I try talking to him about it and he just throws a fit and says he can do it or he'll stop paying the rent and he knows we can't afford this place alone. We are prob moving over the summer but snow is coming and we don't have any money saved up to move now. He comes home from work at 5 am and makes my dd sit and do school with him till 9 By the time he is done she doesn't feel like doing math or phonics both I got from Saxon or her reading work. He actually belives science and social studies is more important than math and phonics and reading! I am going out of my mind. It's been 4 days since she has done any work with me. I know she's only 5 but she used to like math and reading and now she says she doesn't have to learn them cause grandpa says it's not important We only had him move in with us cause my dh had lost his job at the time. Now he has a new one that is way better but still. I know if we lived here another year we could get ahead alot finacially but mentally I just can't take it! I am going crazy. I feel like he is trying to take controll of MY kids. IT sucks and I am getting so depressed from it. He even tells me I can't have more kids or he will dis own me cause I was an only child and I don't need so many kids. He tells me that I am nothing basically because my cousin has a degree and a huge house and blah blah blah and I don't cause I had my dd at 18. So I am nothing cause I am in a duplex instead of a house cause I had a baby young and choose to be a SAHM. I am just so lost right now Sorry this is so long
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