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November 9th, 2006, 11:45 AM
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Oh sweetheart! It is okay! I was young too when I had a baby. But babies aren't just accidents...they come to us when they are supposed to. Believe me. They are well planned for! And you are so amazing and so important! You are rearing kids that will have so much emotionally and physically. Degree's are not what they are cracked up to be. may make more money...but unless you enjoy the rat race and never seeing your young family then it isn't all that.

I come from a poor family with lots of abuse issues in my past. And I felt like crap forever! I was either too much or not enough. And you know what I was perfect! I was and am just who I should be!!!

If you wake up each morning and follow your heart then you will be okay. You are worth more than jewels and gold. You are a wife and a mother! You see the importance of giving your children what they need. And your life satisfies that.

I mean, we are blessed to live where we live. To have what we have. There are people in this world who are homeless, ill, and live in conditions you wouldn't believe! You and your family are blessed through and through!

Heck! We live in an old townhouse that I HATE! But you know it is my home and it keeps us warm and cool, dry and happy. I don't have a lot of stuff. Not what many would consider I need. But why do I need it? My main goal is to school my kids, care for them well, and to finish up school for myself. The people that really love me don't look at my furnishings or my wealth. They look at me! The woman who is enough and just perfect as she is!

He sounds old and bitter. And probably hates his situation and by putting you down he can make it your fault things are the way they are. Try to see him with those eyes. And tell him that YOU are the mom and the teacher. And things will change.

Hugs girl! There is an end to what you are going through. There always is...
"I am a midwife. It is not just what I do, it is what I am, and I grow in it."
-Ruth Cobb

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