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November 10th, 2006, 03:28 PM
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Favorite color:: Candy blue

Favorite kind of automobile:: oooohhhh, a mustang

Place you would like to visit:: Savannah Georgia

Favorite sit down restaurant:: Ryan's

Favorite fast food place:: Taco Bell (but Maddie doesn't like it)

Favorite drink:: Light Lemonade

Favorite alcoholic beverage -if applicable:: n/a

Favorite book:: Charlotte's web (I didn't say it had to be an adult one)

Favorite movie:: Toss up between Dirty Dancing and Grease

Three pet peeves:: People who are two faced, Double standards, and people who use children as pawns

Your best quality:: Hair

When you get complimented, what do you hear the most:: (Now why did I come up with that) Some people say they like me because I tell it like it is

If you had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, who would it be and why:: Hmm, I would have to say George strait becausr he is one of my all time favorite artists!

If you were a lawmaker what 1 law would you change and why (not meant to be a debate!:: I would nix abortion in a heartbeat

If you had $100,000 how would you spend it?? Pay off bills, van, and buy a house
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