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November 11th, 2006, 03:03 PM
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Ok, I think I am sooo overreacting, but I need answers. My DH thinks I'm just nuts, but I can't take it anymore!! I have felt yucky for the last couple months. Weird yucky. (TMI but) I have sore boobs, feel puky, etc. My boys had the flu 2 weeks ago, so if that's, wouldn't I be sick already?? And I have felt like that waayyy before they got the flu. I am also SUPER tired lately. I am iron defficient anemic, so I am sure that's a part of this as well. But I'm more tired than normal. And my (again, TMI) periods are just wonky lately. I was super regualr even after having the boys. To the point where I would get it by a certain time every 4th Friday. Now, it's hit & miss. Sometimes it starts on Monday, sometimes the Friday, I never know anymore. Then I got it 2 weekends in a row. ***?? I know I don't post a whole lot on here (or the other boards I lurk around on), but I though mebbe my fellow Canadian mamas could help? And I can't really tell DH, cuz he just thinks I'm insane (I've been bugging him to get his vasectomy reversed so we can have a girl, to no avail). So, can you help me out?

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