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June 14th, 2005, 04:28 PM
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I have taken it. I think standard recommendations are to take it till you are twelve weeks. Like another poster mentioned, the placenta takes over at this point. Some doctors will have you wean off of it once you hit twelve weeks which may explain the twelve to sixteen week variation. I don't really think you need it after twelve weeks though.

As for oral pills, I have read a lot of places/books saying that vaginal suppositories were recommended but most women I know have taken oral pills. In fact, I have been prescribed progesterone with all my pregnancies (except the ones I miscarried) and have seen four different doctors and they have all prescribed oral pills.

I wouldn't worry too much about having your levels redrawn if you are taking supplements. If you are given supplements, your levels are probably good. As long as baby/pregnancy is developing normally I wouldn't worry too much.

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