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November 12th, 2006, 02:13 PM
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Let me see; on the floor, on her bed, on the coach, out on the back deck, in the kitchen, at the dinning room table, out living life anywhere.

Ok a question for you, what do you mean when you say "I want to give her the experience of the kindergarten and elementary class room"? To do that you would have to enroll her in a class of some kind, as you wont get that at home. The main experience or impresion I think kids take from a classroom is the number of other children the same age present. I have my daughter enroled in a dance class. partly for socialization (they don't socilaize much though, no time) But more so that she can learn to take instructions from someone else apart from me, and has her own thing away from home. I also hope she will learn a usful skill, has the opertunity to be in concerts and have fun and have a way to keep fit as she gets older.

On your other post you said you would likly have another little one by then. There is no way with a toddler or baby around that you will have uninterupted time unless the other little one is asleep when you work. Homeschooling can take many forms. Some might be bookwork, but for PreK, K, grade 1 and 2 most kids do better with mostly hands on activities. Homeschooling can look like games, cooking, shopping, just life as well, and little ones often want to be included! It becomes quite a juggling act. The whole dinamics of homeschooling often look nothing like school. To me thats fine, if I wanted her to have a school experience I would have sent her to school.

I know some people are lucky enough to have a room free to set up for school. it would certainly be great to have a room to store everything in. I can see that being good for older kids who are doing more bookwork too. Just be aware though that kids have there own ideas too Lol. I know someone on another board who was quite excited that they finaly had a room upstairs they could use as a 'school room'. Guess what the kids didn't like it! so they ended up not using it more then half the time.

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