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November 12th, 2006, 05:42 PM
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Really quick reply here!!

I am all about hands on experiences through all grades. A lot of my math was done at the grocery store! What I mean by the 'school room' is when I was little I wanted to have a cubby and a backpack to put in it. I used to have a lunch box and I would get on my bike with my backpack on and ride down the street "on the bus" and come back and hang up my backpack. It was just those little things that I think are fun to a kid. I don't even know how I knew about things like that but I would love to have a little "school room" that we could use as much as possible but I think with homeschooling most of it should be done in the kitchen cooking or experimenting or out in the grocery store adding up the total and learning to budget and comparison shop. I think when I wrote that post it came out sounding more traditional school thinking and structured than I meant it too. I know having another little one around will make it more difficult and during nap times would be when we would do sit down, structured stuff. I do think that is important to a degree because kids need to learn how to sit and focus. Although they only need to do that for a short time. Not for 8 hours like they do in the public schools!
Also, like I said, my dad was home during the winter and he was in and out and it was really disrupting. Thats why I will hopefully have a place that we can go to avoid too many disruptions since Aaron is also home quite a bit (and hopefully it will stay that way).

Ok, I need to go. Dahlia is asleep and I need to get her up cause it's getting late!! I'll be back later ladies!!
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