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November 13th, 2006, 10:08 PM
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Kitty, you have the best smilies!! Where do you get them???[/b]
Oooooo, Jo is The Smilie Queen!!


I save them as I see them. A few i have made from smilie generator pages. Lol like that "homeschool freeks sign up here" sign. I have also serched on google and on photobucket itself for them. It's not hard to do. Just a few steps.

1. Sign up with photobucket (free)
2. Find some smilies or gifs/clip art you like that are free to take and save them to your computer. That means you right click the smilie and choose 'save as' Most places don't like you to copy and paste. Mine save to "my pictures"
3. Go to your photobucket acount and click on 'browse' Mine opens right up in 'my pictures'
4. click the smilie you want to add then click on 'upload' on your photobucket page. both the browse and upload buttons should be easy to see. if you can't see them your probably not signed in.
5. Your smilie will appear on your photobucket page and is now ready to use whenever you want. Under the smilie you will see 3 lines Url, tag and Img. Highlight and copy the Img line then paste it straight into your reply box here where you want it. it will appear as text in your reply box, but as the image in your reply that we see.

if like Lisa you would rather have a selection right to hand you can use mine. they are not all in the proper folders, and some folders have sub folders. So if you want a smilie with a sign you will find that in a sub folder of emotion smilies.

Hope that is all clear. You can also feel free to right click any of my smilies and save them to your own page.

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