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November 14th, 2006, 11:55 AM
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Hey guys

I just have a question to all daddy's, doesn't have to have experience with coming back from deployment, but just some idea's.

My Dh is due back from a six month deployment in December, he is in the US Navy, he left when our daughter was around 6-7 months old, our daughter turns 12mnths on the 28th of November.

I know that he is extremely worried about re bonding with our daughter, and he is afraid that she won't remember him, and I think he is also afraid he isn't going to know what to do if this does happen, but I also I think he is afraid he is going to be less of a husband and less of a father if he has trouble with bonding, and letting her know that he is her daddy, does any of that make sense? lol.
He did mail a video with him reading to her, and I play that all the time, I show her pictures of him, so hopefully that will help.

He already complains that he feels less of a man (husband and father) because he feels that he should be able to provide better financially for his family.
And I have reassured him that, that is not true, and that I love him no matter what, we are a family and family stick together no matter the financial circumstances. And that as long as he is happy with his job and is happy to go into work everyday, then I support him, but only if he is happy, if he isn't then I am there for him and to support him to moving on to something that he loves doing.

He has said to me on a number of occations that the only thing that is taring him apart is the deployments, other then that he loves his job and the people he works with.

I have said to him, that maybe he should speak to the chaplin on his ship, or if he know's someone on his ship that he can trust and confide in then to speak to them about his worries and troubles when it comes to this.

Sorry for the rant and the novel of a post lol, but any idea's on how to make him feel better and also on things that he can do to help bond with his daughter when he get's back would be a GREAT help!!

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