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November 14th, 2006, 08:08 PM
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My girls are only 3 now but when they turn elementray school age (Kindergarten and up) I want to homeschool them. I will have one other by then, who will be around 2. My question is...I want to homeschool, but I want to earn a profit. I also want my kids to be interacted..and I love the thought of teaching other peoples kids as well. When asked..why dont you just work in a elementary school..I love the more diverse education a homeschooling I'm in New York!

My senario would be....I go back to school and recive my degree in Early Childhood Education...recive my teaching certificate and would be eligible to teach at schools...then I went around to homeschool/school/parenting groups etc...and tell them that I am a mom, with a teaching degree, and would teach their children. It would be like a small private school, each parent would pay a few thousand a year (no set price yet..just brainstorming) and I would teach my girls, plus maybe 3 or 4 other children (of all different ages). I would take them from 8-3 every day and give them a education..I was thinking that maybe it would be good for moms that want their children homeschooled, they dont like the public schools, yet cant quite affod all the private schools, want their kids to be socialized and larning with about 4-5 other kids, be in classes and lessons as well (on the parents own time) and recieve a good education from a certified teacher, who is also a mom.

Would this work? Where would I advertise? Has anyone else done this? Or heard of it? Any links? Any sites that show how to do this? Any this even possible? I've googled this..and nothing has come up...I'm not evn sure if it exists..but...just wondering

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