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November 14th, 2006, 09:27 PM
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With my first child whos now three, my husband had a million excuses why he didn't get up at night,. First it was "I cant hear her crying" which to me means "I choose to ignore the ear piercing screams 5 ft. away from me so my wife can handle it." Then he got clever and said "You are breastfeeding, whats the point of me getting up when I cant feed her?" which to me means "You are the one feeding her, YOU get up from a dead exhausted sleep and stumble across the room while I stay in bed under the warm covers."
I have another one due in 2 days,and I have to hire a babysitter to come sit at my house at night (WHILE HE'S HERE!) to feed baby while Im working overnights..when I should be getting MY rest.
How many of you guys PRETENDED not to hear the baby cry when you KNEW your wife/gf was exhausted? How do I make him see?
O yea..he can hear his phone ring. He can hear the tv come on AND GO OFF if he's sleeping. He hears the door. He can hear me quietly ask him to scoot over in the middle of the night. BUT HE CANT HEAR THE SCREAMS????
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