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November 15th, 2006, 07:39 AM
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From my understanding it is illegal in most states to homeschool other people's children. Besides my guess is most moms who are interested in having homeschooled children would prefer to do it themselves, rather than pay an outsider. And just being frank here, most homeschooling moms consider themselves more qualified to teach their own children than an outsider with a teaching certificate simply because we know our kids best and we've been teaching them since birth.

A couple of ideas for you to look into though are possibly running your own in-home daycare and offer "preschool like activities" to the children in your care. This would allow you to homeschool your own kids and allow other pre-school age children to get in on the fun too all whle making a few extra bucks. But you would also need a home daycare license as well.
Another would be too look into starting a charter school. This is not something you do for profit and it would be tons of work, but the idea is to start up a different school for your children and others in the neighborhood to attend that might consist of smaller classrooms, more qualified teachers, tougher academics, etc... It requires working with other parents, finding funding, working through the legalites, hiring teachers, finding an empty school buiding to rent, etc... It might be lots off work to get off the ground, but would meet your needs for socialization and if you have your degree you could possibly teach there as well.
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