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November 15th, 2006, 01:49 PM
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Please sign in with your name, baby's name and age, and how long they have had reflux.[/b]
Hi Amanda here, baby is Mephibosheth "MEM" he's 7wks old., he was just diagnosed this morning with reflux. He is my first to have this problem though I've had issuses myself since about 17yrs old and I"m now 25. He's the baby of my 5, he's mostly breastfed but supplement mostly at night with 2-4oz of Parent's Choice formula even after the pumped milk I give him which varies from 1/2 oz to just under 4oz. I can't lay him down which is really affecting my body, housework, and my other children. He also is NOT on any medications his doctor wanted to try these few things before we went to that. More frequent smaller feedings, hold upright for 30min and that is about it. He will go back for his 2month check up on Dec 1st so we'll see how he's doing now. At least now I have an answer to why his cries sound like he's in so much pain!
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