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November 25th, 2006, 08:06 PM
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I'm Not Pregnant right now, nor do I plan to become pregnant any time soon.

I have 2 daughters who were both hospital births. And I kinda regret having them at the hospital.

I felt rushed at the hospital and not in control of my own body. I was poked, proded and bullied I feel by the nurses and the doctors who delivered my girls.

The first time, I was a scared 18 year old who didn't know any better and just accepted being yelled at by the nurse who didn't wanted to hear me cry or yell in pain. I had a quick labour (3 hours in total) No drugs and a torn up girly area (obviously no one at the hospital practiced perineum support) they gave ne no privacy after the birth, i was bullied by a nurse to breastfeed who grabed my breasts and tried to do it for me and i was never shown gently how to nurse. I had a baby that was born in the wee haours on the morning (2:12am) when the nursing staff was on thier last legs and had really crabby attitudes.

My 2nd birth, I was ready I knew more..and I spoke up for myself.. but i still feel like i was bullied (it was the same hospital as the first time.. there is only one in our area)

My water was broken at a "Stretchy 6 cm" all because the doctor was really tired and I was the only woman on the L&D ward.. he wasn't to get my delivery over with so he could get some sleep.

This time I was successful in breastfeeding, all because i knew more about it and what to do.. the nurses really didn't help me as all this time.. and Ella and I have been breastfeeding for 9 months now.

I didn't hate my hospital births, but I regret not having what i wanted in them.

SO! This brings me to why I'm posting here!

I want a home birth for the next baby we have.... Unassisted if posible.. but I'll take a midwife too lol
I don't want to be bullied, or yelled at anymore. I want a clam peaceful birth in a place that is MINE.. I don't want someone I have never met stroll in when they fell like and tell me what to do with my body.

It's My Body, My Birth.. I WANT TO OWN IT!

So I came to this board for information and anything else related to Home births.

Anyways.. that's my reason...
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