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November 25th, 2006, 09:05 PM
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Well It's been gradual over the years. I wanted to have a midwife with my first but didn't know how to go about it as i was completely clueless in the first place.

With Ella I wanted a midwife and thought about a homebirth as well.. but my hubby was very nervous and I stuck to what I knew.

I friend of mine had her second at home and she said it was the best experiance she ever had, a million times better than the hospital birth she had with her first. She told me that next time go for home! lol

I've been reading and looking thing up online about home births and have become even more intrigued with them.

With Ella I felt that the doctor should have let the waters break on thier own, and not speed things up like it did. They broke my waters and 10 minutes later a head was emerging.. the doctor though he had time to take a NAP! HA! that's what you get for ttrying to hurry things up I guess.

next baby i want a natural, calm, relaxed birth.. I want nature to take it's course. Since i had two spectactularly excellent deliveries already.. i doubt the next time will be any different.... I just want what i want... no ifs ands or butts... you know?

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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