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November 28th, 2006, 07:55 AM
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What kind of DH, DF, SO, do YOU have? Is he the read everything about birth type, or is it like pulling teeth? Does he want to be watching all the ACTION, or is he an "at the head" dad? Was his support what you needed? If you have more than one baby, did he get better the next time? Did you KNOW he was going to be a certain way for the birth?

My DH passed out. TWICE. Granted, it was a hospital birth, pitocin, epi, the works, when they sloshed me in iodine, he lost it. Then again when they were stitching me up. We were kids. Seventeen. He has major worries about his "performance" for the birth this time, but the MW is so supportive I think it will be fine. MW has TEN kids and her husband is STILL an "at the head dad". DH will sit behind me in the birth tub so he can feel what my body is doing, but doesn't necesarily have to see it. As far as reading material, that is, unfortunately, like pulling teeth. He's read a couple Birth Stories that I've printed out, but that's about it.
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