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November 29th, 2006, 05:05 PM
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DS, 17 Samuel Lucas
DS, 15 Sebastian Lee
DD, 15 Stella Leanne
DD, 14 Seraphina Lucinda
DD, 12 Sophia Lucille
DD, 11 Serenity Lavender
DD, 10 Selena Lacey
DS, 9 Scott Lason
DD, 8 Stacey Liselle
DS, 6 Sean Landon
DS, 6 Shayne Leonardo
DS, 5 Stephan Lucardo
DS, 4 Stuart Lucias
DS, 2 Silas Luke
DS, 1 Severus Liam
DD, NB Stefanie Lorelei

Sam ,Bastian, Stella, Phina, Feah, Enity, Lena, Scott, Stace, Sean, Shayne, Steve, Stew, Siy, Sev & Annie.
Adrianna Calysto
Seraphina Lucinda
32weeks pregnant with Benjamin Gregory + Melody Tabitha.
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