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June 20th, 2005, 12:04 PM
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Just a little background-
I had a mc and dnc on march 1. my period has been normal since then, starting up again 28 days after the dnc. now it's late.

I know it's supposed to be normal for some people not to have any symptoms when they are pg, but it makes me hard to think that maybe i could be. I'm now cd 35, but a late period is the only symptom i have. I never have a late period. I haven't tested b/c i have no sickness, no tiredness, no bloating, no moodiness.

the only thing I have -- and this is weird -- is my left breast is extremely tender. but it has been for about two weeks now. and it's only the one breast. has that ever happened to anyone or is there maybe something wrong w/ my body? could it be something else?

i've been pg before and i was moody as heck and so tired. i also had a lot of acne. i do have three boils on my chin...but maybe that's b/c my period is late.

please advise. please let me know. i know it's easy to test and find out but i don't want to yet. Not until it's more likely to get an accurate reading.

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