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December 3rd, 2006, 09:11 PM
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When I was preg with Brook I felt that. Maybe because it was my first. DH and I used to be fun and exciting and I felt like I was turning into a boring old housewife who went to bed at 8 pm. The thought of doing those things (party life) turned my stomach and I didn't want to be around that. DH and I were married for not even a month when I found out I was preg and it wasn't until my seventh month did I realize that we WOULDN'T be getting a divorce. It was headed that way. Fighting everyday. He didn't like the person I become (a moody hormone raging *****!) But we had a good sit down one night, got it all out and in the weeks to come all was fine. He understood my feelings and I understood his and we wanted to make things work.

I think your feelings are very normal and understandable. GL to you!
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