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December 4th, 2006, 04:45 PM
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Yes he goes to the appointments with me for one he didn't because he wasn't around..and the next one is next week but he doesn't really need to go only becuz it's just bloodwork. But I just sometimes feel like maybe I jumped the gun. We've known each other for 3 years and we started dating in August when I came home..My ex bf at that time and I had broken up back in May but we still lived together..When I had, had enough I moved back home and now here I am. And I told him I can't jump into something so quickly when I just left something so recent. And my doctor had told me it would be hard for me to conceive we did the precautions ness. but well here we are today and I am almost 4 months pregnant so obviously it wasn't planned. When I go in next week for that bloodwork I am going to talk to a nurse about some things. I honestly feel that if he doesn't want to put forth the effort in a way where he can stop pushing me for an engagement/marriage, and moving in together so quickly I can't be around it. And here's the worse part, he's still "technically" married. In the eyes of the law he still is. He's legally seperated, but the divorce papers aren't filed completely yet..Of course his ex is with another man and living with him too but I just don't feel fully comfortable. And I thought he was already divorced, obviously if I knew he was still "technically" married I wouldn't have been with him until he was divorced. Do you think it's bad if I told him because this has been since August that if he doesn't get a divorce finalized by end of December that I can't be with him? I just can't handle it. And he himself even said if his ex found out she'd obviously be very hurt, and she has some mental issues and I'm afraid she won't give him the divorce if she did. And well now I am starting to show a little bit and in 4 more weeks we find out if it's a boy or a girl. I am feeling so confused and ready to just throw in the towel and my parents are backing me up 110%..So at least I have that. He told me by the end of November the divorce would be finalized.

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