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December 5th, 2006, 05:02 AM
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It surprised me how many more people homebirth than I thought.I know no one who has had a HB IRL but then my midwife was telling me this year alone has seen a massive increase in the rise of HB's and they encourage it in low risk women.

I was also surprised to hear how safe it is,even safer than a hospital birth.A year ago I would have said no way to a homebirth thinking they were dangerous.There needs to be more education on it for sure.Ive also been shocked by the ammount of women who think people are crazy for going unmedicated like we are doing something so brave-while it is kinda brave it is also natural so I do have to laugh when women say we are mad for not wanting meds because they couldn't cope.I want to yell "women have been having unmedicated births for centuries" it is not bravery,it is just letting your body do what it was made to do.

Not that I have a problem with people who use pain meds,each to their own,but I resent the "you are crazy" comments because if I told a women she was crazy for getting an epi I bet they would be up in arms.It seems like it is OK for people to call US crazy but you comment on their birth choices we get accused of trying to be superior.

Well that is my experience away lol.
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