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December 5th, 2006, 06:19 PM
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Well.. as you all know I've just started on my path of homebirth.. but I think the placenta tonic stuff is a little odd.

But I think what i like the most about a home birth is that The woman isn't being TOLD what to do.. the midwifes or the doulas aren't there to push ideas on to the birthing woman.. but rather just supporting her.. letting her choose what is best.

I loved reading about how they allowed the placenta to stop pulsating before the cut the cord. I actually read a homebirth where the mother left the Cord and placenta attached until is had curled up and started drying.

I have a friend who had a homebirth and she said it was the best thing she ever did... she discribed such a warm and natural thing that happend.. that I want that too for my next baby.[/b]

Exactly! I'm not cutting the cord till the placenta delivers. It is soooo beautiful and calm, that's the best part, i think i need white christmas lights for mine
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