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December 6th, 2006, 09:05 AM
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Heather- I'm crying! Angel was so beautiful!!!

I'll Fly (InsideOut click here)

I sit under Heaven
And measure its reaches and stars
I stand still considering the mystery
With trembling and awe
Gentle, the East Wind, she spreads out a new sky
And scatters her bright clouds and snow
I walk in the search of the depths
For memories of visions
My soul seems to know

Wind speaks her secrets
In languages ancient and deep
Whispering her mystery
In words that my mind cannot keep
I dream I remember the voice of the morning stars
Singing so near
But then I awake - they fade
And I'm left with the echoes
My soul seems to hear

I'll fly like a bird to your mountain high
I'll cry and be heard singing to the sky
I'll fly like a bird - I'll fly from the world

Shadows won't darken forever,
A new day will dawn
Though weeping endure for a night,
In the morning it's gone
Sweet follows bitter and lightens a heart
Full of sorrow for what it could be
Answers will come in the still
Of a moment and sometimes my soul seems to see

(Chorus, repeat 2x)

[[It's my Myspace profile song, if you want to hear it.]]
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