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December 7th, 2006, 02:47 AM
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How ya holding up?

P.S. lovin! you in the debate boards, LOL![/b]
3 days left,still here,looks like she may go past my EDD A bit concerned with how that will affect my homebirth as my midwife likes to induce after 14 days and I could not stand to go in now I have my heart set on a homebirth but the risks of going over due do scare me so ill have to talk through my options with her.She did tell me though that she doesn't think ill make my appointment I have with her on the 13th Dec so I hope she is right.She is brilliant though,delivered my first son and looked after me with my 3rd (this is my 4th) so I have every faith in her.

I have no signs or anything,but then again with the last three I just woke up in labour and had no previous signs then 90 mins later they were born

Thank you for asking I hope to take lots of pictures during the birth to share with you all (maybe not the graphic ones unless anyone wants to see them )

Took me a while to realize that you also debate,I knew your screen name but didn't put the two together.
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