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December 7th, 2006, 06:09 AM
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OBs have certainly created fear around being overdue. The risks have been extremely overstated. In fact, very recent studies have found that inductions between 38 and 40 weeks - full term inductions - have led to an increase in infant mortality. Letting women stay pregnant until the baby chooses to be born while keeping an eye on the baby to make sure all is okay in there is the best thing to do.

That said, I was 10 days overdue with Fritz. It was not an issue. He was kicking, his heart was strong. My midwife will not induce. The majority of her moms deliver by 42 weeks. There's a reason they call it an ESTIMATED due date (by the way, I was VERY, VERY sure of my due date and Fritz did gestate one full week longer than his brother and sister - He obviously needed that time while my others didn't).

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