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December 7th, 2006, 10:40 AM
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What risks concern you with being over 42 weeks?

My MW does nothign. She encourages some natural methods past 42 weeks, but doesnt start really encouraging them until 43 weeks, and isnt concerned at all until 44 weeks. in fact, I was 8 days over with mine, and a girl who also sees my MW was due just a week and 1/2 behind me - she ended up going about 3 1/2 weeks over. Had a very healthy baby girl with zero complications. Everythign worked slow in her labor though. Slooooow labor, very slow controlled pushing stage (not very intense). Placenta also took 2 hours to come out. I think its cause shes so freaking laid back lol. if you ever met her shes one of those "not a care in the world" types of peopel lol.

There can be some risks, but they are not very common, and they almost always display signs before its really an urgent problem. Aging placenta is a common concern - Biophysical profiles can determine if its not providing adequately for the baby. Some Drs cite too big of a baby... but studies actually show that once you go over to a certain point, a lot of babies will stop gaining or even lose - IMO its our bodies way of preventing a problem.

I wouldnt induce personally, even if my MW suggested it. I would probably do some natural measures, but I also know that nobody stayed pregnant forever. And should a problem arise b/c of postdates, the way our bodies usually handle those problems are ... going into labor to get the baby out! I have a lot of faith that mybody will do exactly what it needs to. IF by chance a biophysical profile determined there was in fact a serious problem, I would still attempt all natural methods of induction first.


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