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December 9th, 2006, 04:56 AM
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heh ... I'll admit this question comes cause I'm co host on the Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

anyone here got pets or love animals?

I do ... one dog (rottie/belgian sheppard mix) and lots of fishies.

here's some pics of Blackie

and here's a couple of Hugh Fishy (my oscar that's inside in a tank) ... the other fishes (guppies, mollies, hillaries and goldfishes are in the back of the house in barrels)

some goldfishes and clown loaches (who are in the barrel now)

and here are my chickens that were adopted by someone about two weeks ago .... I miss them!

wooo ... ok ... think I've given you folks an overdose on my furbabies, scaleybabies and featherbabies

anyone else want to share their piccies?

xxx Lisa xxx
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