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December 10th, 2006, 05:22 AM
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You are more likely to tear along the suture line, however since it was a tear you are much less likely to tear again since it wasn't an episiotomy (those scars are weaker since they are surgical cuts).

We didn't do perineal massage before Ani. I tore badly (14 3/4" head). We did before Cameron and I didnt tear (14 1/2" head), just had a labial abrasion. We did a couple times before Fritz, but my midwife said she doesn't say whether you should or not since she just trusts bodies and positioning so we decided to stop. Fritz's head was 14 3/4" like Ani's and I did not tear at all with him (just a skid mark). I won't do it in the future. I do think it was useful before Cameron since it kind of softened and stretched the scar tissue. I had pain from Ani's birthday until doing the perineal massage at the end of my pregnancy with Cameron. I've never had a problem since.

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