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December 10th, 2006, 09:05 AM
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I'm sorry, but the thought of eating something that comes from inside your body seems wrong to me. Is there anyone who can explain this to me?

I did read that hospitals don't always burn the placenta. Many hospitals sell it to be used to make cosmetics. That's a little disturbing also.[/b]

I believe it! I've just been reading about how they sell the foreskins or baby boys to cosmetic and research companies, EW!

I don't think i could actually EAT mine, I won't be grilling it up like a steak or anything. I was just going to plant it but i did some digging and it's apparently like the miracle "food" for after birth. One bite can stop PPH in it's tracks! And women who encapsulate it and then take those after the birth report feelings of immense well being when taking and they report bouncing back even faster. I guess it's kind of like eggs. Eating the unfertilized eggs of a chiken skeeves me out too, but they're good for me so I do it
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