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December 11th, 2006, 03:25 PM
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How often do you..........

Disinfect your kitchen counters? Everyday

Really clean your toilet? Once or twice a week.

Shave your legs? Every 4-5's the winter!!

Go grocery shopping? Every thursday.

Take time to yourself? An hour a interuptions!Haha!

Change your bed sheets? Once a week.

Clean out your closet? When it starts looking scary!

Clean out your cabinets? When something smells....haha. J/K

Clean your fridge? Every two weeks

Clean your windows? When I can't see through the little finger prints from my son!

Dust? Every other week.

<span style="color:#A0522D">"No my windows aren't dirty ....that's my boxers nose artwork!"</span>
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