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December 11th, 2006, 08:17 PM
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Awww thanks ladies! That's so sweet. And my daughter knows she's adorable. LOL. I'm gonna need a bigger baseball bat in a few years.

Honestly, when I was pg with my DD I always read birth stories online. I loved reading the HB stories but my family has a history of long, painful labors so I just figured it wasn't for me. Also I was on medicaid at the time so I just followed orders. I hated everything about my pg and birth. I had three bouts of preterm labor that I now think was actually just practice labor as I was effacing but not dilating. I had to wean myself off the Terbutaline because I was having heart palpitations and sweats but the doctor didn't want to see me. I ended up going overdue by 4 days. I had been off the Terbutaline for 4 weeks but still wasn't feeling anything so my doctor scheduled an induction. I went in the night before the induction for an NST and the monitor picked up contractions that held a steady pattern. The nurse decided to check me and I was 3cm and 100% effaced. I wasn't feeling anything so I told her I wanted to go home and come back either for my induction in the morning or if I started feeling anything. Luckily they agreed and that was the only thing that went right during my labor.

The next day I had slept well and I stuffed myself with food in preparation for a long labor. I waited around as long as I could contain myself but I was curious as to wether anything was happening. I went back to the hospital and I was 5 cm. I wanted to go back home as I lived 10 minutes away but they wouldn't let me. I went up to L&D and they gave me IV antibiotics as I am GBS positive. I walked the hall for two hours but didn't progress more so they started pitocin. The pitocin actually stopped my contractions so the doctor stopped the drip and then broke my water. It was obvious that it wasn't ready to break. It took him three or four tries to get it. That's when I felt the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Every muscle from my neck to my knees would clench with every contraction and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I asked to move but the nurse told me since my water was broken I had to stay in bed, flat on my back. That's when I gave up and asked for an epidural. The doctor decided he wanted to make sure my labor was "established" so I had to wait an HOUR for the epi. I spent that whole hour doing nothing but screaming. The nurses were telling me to "shut up. You're scaring the other women in labor." I wanted to strangle them all. Finally I got the epidural. Wouldn't you know when they sat me up to do the epidural I couldn't even feel the contractions? If only I could have moved around I wouldn't have needed it. Luckily once I could relax I went straight to 10 cm and delivered in a few pushes despite not being able to feel. After the birth I had no idea how to take care of a newborn but none of the nurses wanted to help me. I was a young, single mother and they wouldn't waste their time on me. I even had a nurse try to scare me. She started telling me horror stories about how you're so fertile after giving birth and if I went out and spread my legs I'd never not be pg. I wanted to beat her face in. I was SINGLE! That meant I had no reason to hear all that and it wasn't like I didn't know how I'd gotten pg. I needed to know how to care for my DD and that was the one thing they never helped me with.

I guess all in all I just want to do what I want when I feel like it. I'd thought back lots of times and thought to myself that if I hadn't been overdue and going for NST's and the like, I never would have known I was in labor. I might have gotten to transition and suddenly been like "oops my water broke. Hey there's a head." I had even had thoughts of, if I got pg again, just pretending like I wasn't in labor until it was too late to go to the hospital so I wouldn't have to go through all that again. I was very happy to be pointed to this board so that I can learn about my options.

So thanks for the warm welcome ladies! I'm sure I'll be lurking around.
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