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December 11th, 2006, 09:00 PM
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How often do you..........

Disinfect your kitchen counters? every few days, or if they really need it after cooking.

Really clean your toilet? once a week

Shave your legs? once a week (I'm lazy! )

Go grocery shopping? once a week to every two weeks depending on how much we buy.

Take time to yourself? I take one hour to myself every day... I'd go nuts without it.

Change your bed sheets? every two-three weeks.

Clean out your closet? once in a blue moon.

Clean out your cabinets? um... yearly or so.

Clean your fridge? When it starts to smell.

Clean your windows? rarely.

Dust? as often as possible. I'm allergic to it and I break out in hives when there's too much dust around.
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