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December 12th, 2006, 04:12 PM
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I went into labour early morning with all three too.

My first was born at 39 weeks plus 5.

My 2nd at 38 weeks and my 3rd was 8 days past EDD.

This time I have no idea,3 days "overdue" and starting to think she is going to be very late.[/b]
aww huney, it will happen soon i'm sure! how ya holdin up?

Not too bad actually.It is funny because now I am overdue people have stopped asking me if I am in labour everytime I call LOL two weeks ago I was getting the phone calls and when I rang anyone the first thing they asked me is if I am in labour now it is like they have all giving up on it LOL it is odd.

I am very uncomfy,my belly is huge,I am constipated and now have a throat infection but despite all that I am plodding a long (pun intended) quite nicely.I see my midwife tomorrow,I have the boys school plays and parties all week so have a lot to keep me busy

I have never been scared to give birth before but this time I am I am so scared it is going to be even quicker then my last ones and end up giving birth unassisted.I think we would both just panic if that were to happen.
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