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December 13th, 2006, 07:35 AM
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Oh no you ladies are gonna make me admit..I'm OCD. Nothing to be proud of that's for sure. Yes I have a very clean home but it comes with some downfalls too. I can't sleep or watch a movie or anything unless my house is done top to bottom. I've gotten up at 3am to do 3 bowls that were left in the sink from ice cream. I've even folded and put away laundry at odd hours!

How often do you..........

Disinfect your kitchen counters? Everyday

Really clean your toilet? Once a week...Tuesdays

Shave your legs? haha!! When I get in the shower and have enough leg room and no kids are trying to rub the cream off my legs...

Go grocery shopping? Twice a month

Take time to yourself? what's that? No I actually get some to myself everyday!

Change your bed sheets? Once a week unless needed more

Clean out your closet? Springtime...Otherwise our closets are organized and vac. every few days.

Clean out your cabinets? Like washing them down or ridding of old tupperware or expired food...I do that as often as needed..usually once a month.

Clean your fridge? Once a month, unless needed sooner. I put leftovers in ziplock baggies and don't use tupperware so when something is funny looking it goes straight to the trash and no need to wash the tupperware!

Clean your windows? This I'm guilty..NOT often enough!! I wash them during the spring and summer...

Dust? Weekly

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