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December 14th, 2006, 08:20 AM
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How often do you..........

Disinfect your kitchen counters? Everytime I cook with raw meat..

Really clean your toilet? when ever I feel its disgusting

Shave your legs? ummm not for a looooong time lol

Go grocery shopping? once or twice a month I try to get everthing that I know we'll need and if I dont get it then I get it the second time around

Take time to yourself? not often enough

Change your bed sheets? once a week

Clean out your closet? no closet to clean out

Clean out your cabinets? when ever the dishes or the food looks out of wack

Clean your fridge? every 2 weeks or when ever it looks like it really needs it

Clean your windows? dont

Dust? no dusting here
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