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December 14th, 2006, 07:05 PM
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wow so odd to me lol i grew up in NY my moms spanish other sides italian and we dont EVER say hello and goodbye to ANYONE without a kiss on the cheek lol and while growing up in NY i never met anyone else that didnt do it it was just the norm. Even meeting people for the first time lol thats just how we said Hi. (Im from the ghetto in ny btw LOL)
Then when i moved to the south nobody did that and i was like the weirdo lol so now im always uncomfortable in that kinda situation when in ny i never questioned it now im like how the hell do i greet them ? Where i come from its rude if u dont kiss everyone in the room on the cheek lol so im always like um hi ? handshake? half hug maybe ?? some people a kiss lol IDK
Very interesting to see how many people are really uncomfortable with that hmm .. all my friends that never did that before always kiss me now i likeit i dont know it feels llovey lol (i always tell my friends i luv them too and vise versa .. im weirdlol )
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