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December 14th, 2006, 08:49 PM
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Lets see with my first (in the hospital) there was my mom & my moms best friend/neighbor. PLUS the dr, and the slew of hospital staff.

With my second - at home - we had:
me, DH & my son
My MW & her assistant
My Chiro (who is also a good friend of mine) and an intern of hers
My doula
My cousin (to watch over my son)
My Bradley Instructor (she actually showed up at the VERY last minute)
I had a friend who was supposed to show up but we couldnt get a hold of her in time!

Honestly, although it sounds like a lot - most of them werent around while i was IN labor - only the MW & her assistant intermittently - my Chiro & her intern intermittently (my chiro videotaped) - my cousin came in every now & then to snap a few pictures - my DH & my Doula stayed with me almost the entire time.

We were a little nervous at first. That it woudl be too many people, too much of a distraction, people would be twiddling their thumbs, too many people who are in the know, too much pressure, etc.

BUT - it ended up working out great. i had a hard fast labor, so we put those extra hands to use boiling herbs, fixing hot packs, filling hte birth tub, preparing the room, etc. Then come labor, it was very quiet, some stood across the room & watched, some sat around the birthing tub quietly encouraging me. And all in all - it was really awesome. They were all very big natural birth supporters, and the energy in the room could be felt for days. It was just really really serene at the same time. Something really really cool about all these women there - all different ages- just hanging out to watch a baby be born.


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