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December 14th, 2006, 09:27 PM
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LN: Williams
DH: Jared Michael *47*
DW: Lydia Irene Sarah *45*
DD: Andrea Tracy *18*
DD: Natasha Brooke *15*
DD: Christina Rose *14*

LN: Tucker
DH: Harrison Curtis *34*
DW: Fiona Jane *31*
DS: Orion Marcus *9*
DD/DD: Anita Kate / Regina Danielle *7*
DS: Jerome Harrison *3*
DD: Gabriana Nicolette *1*

LN: Jacobson
DH: Carl Chester *62*
DW: Angela Helen *58*
DD: Melinda "Mindy" Beatrice *27*
~MB's DD: Zenia Nadine *5*
DS: Eric Carlton *22*
DS: Levi Frederick *20*

LN: Milton
DH: Scott Benjamin *29*
DW: Leanne "Leah" Marie *28*
DS: Shane Alan *10*
DS/DD: Spencer Lucas / Selena Marilyn *7*
DS: Sawyer Benson *4*
DD: Summer Grace *2*
DS: Silas Paul *newborn*

--The Williams Family--
Jared, Lydia, Andrea, Natasha and Christina

--The Tucker Family--
Harrison, Fiona, Orion, Anita, Regina, Jerome and Gabriana

--The Jacobson Family--
Carl, Angela, Mindy & Zenia, Eric and Levi

--The Milton Family--
Scott, Leah, Shane, Spencer, Selena, Sawyer, Summer and Silas
Carly and Phil, proud parents of:
Alaina Rhoslyn {2.15.07}, Natalia Lorraine and Georgia Carol {7.31.08}, Penelope Julia {8.25.10} and
our newest addition Benjamin Philip {8.06.11}

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