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December 15th, 2006, 02:17 AM
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I have to have two midwifes for my homebirth,my SO,possibly my mum and probably a student.I have agreed to allow a student present and my m/w is happy one of them should get to see their first homebirth.

The 2nd midwife doesn't have to turn up until the pushing stage but as I progress so quickly and only push twice she will probably get there quite early.

Oh if I do labour even quicker than my other births I may just end up with my three kids there too.I hope not LOL

My sister had a unplanned homebirth last year,20 min labour,she had her 5 kids there,her mum,her partner,her ex husband and her sons 2 friends LOL so quick she just had to squat down in the kitchen and deliver baby herself.
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