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December 16th, 2006, 08:19 PM
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How often do you..........

Disinfect your kitchen counters? LOL...atleast twice a day

Really clean your toilet? Ohhh man...maybe once a week..IF I get the chance lol

Shave your legs? HAHAHAHA..I am not gonna lie and say every time I take a shower because I dont have time to take a shower every single day lol sooo...I can be finally in the shower and not even bother shaving them! Nah I skip days in between thats about it... lmao

Go grocery shopping? Ok thats practically an every freaking day thing!

Take time to yourself? At night when James is working and Noellas asleep even tho by that time I am knocked out lol

Change your bed sheets? Once or twice every 2 weeks

Clean out your closet? Theres hardly anything in it anymore due to packing

Clean out your cabinets? Well I have but they got messy I really give up lol

Clean your fridge? ^^Same ###### answer lol

Clean your windows? My windows stay clean lmao...yeahh right...I try!

Dust? I dont dust...I dont like dusting...but I clean the best I can without dusting

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