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December 18th, 2006, 01:35 PM
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We did it some, though not faithfully & i do think it helped some esp since I had a very fast pushing stage & my baby was posterior until delivery but turned DURING pushing & didnt get a chance to fully turn - the shoulders hadnt turned all the way so they came out at the same time. I had two tears - one up & one down (very small - less than a first degree) and didnt get them stitched. The one going down tore along my previous episiotomy line.

BUT - I will say this - my episiotomy took FOREVER to heal. I could FEEL where teh episiotomy scar was when doing perineal massage at the end of pg. (my episiotomy was nearly 8 yrs ago too!).

Well - this time around, my tear healed super fast. I used an herbal sitz bath faithfully for the first 3 - 4 days, and used pads soaked in herbal sitz bath stuff & then frozen. I saw the OB about 12 hours after my babys birth - i had no swelling, the tearing had already started healing. The next day - fully closed. A week later (about) - the tear line was almost invisible & it was completey unnoticable even to my MW by week 2.

I probably wouldnt have torn had it not been for her presentation & me practically blasting her out though (I dont know why - I just refused to slow down on my pushing when I could feel the burning).

Good luck [/b]

I delivered a 9lb 2oz baby boy and didn't tear at all. I have never torn before though and I believe it is because I have always done PM. I recommend it. It helps to have DH do the massage, and I loved using almond oil with a little lavender EO mixed in.
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