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December 18th, 2006, 07:55 PM
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NFP for us for a truckload of reasons. We've used a few forms of it - a SympoThermal Method called Serena. It was a lot of abstinence and really difficult because I have PCOS, not the best method for complicated/irregular cycles. We've also used the Billings Ovulation Method (which I now teach) and the Creighton Model - LOVED both methods. Both of them easily accomodate irregularity or complicated cycles with the same 99% effectiveness rate with substantially less abstinence than Serena gave us. I can't wait for my lochia to stop so I can start charting again! YAY![/b]
So you teach NFP? I would really like to learn more about this, as all other methods of BC that I have looked into are just not right for me. But..... I have endometriosis and a VERY irregular cycle. I didnt think that NFP was really a possibility for me because of that. I know I will have a good 6 mos after the baby is born to think about things but I dont want to introduce solids this time at 6 mos, I would like to just wait it out and see how good things go. I read that you dont HAVE to until 1 yr, and I would like to keep my breastfeeding exclusive as long as possible so hormone bc just isnt going to work I cant have an IUD (personal reasons) and then I used the shot to control my endo for so long that I cant have that either because of increased risk of osteoporosis. They say no more than 2 years for that stuff and I already used it for 6. I GOT PG on the patch, and m/c the baby, so NOT AN OPTION, lol. I would really like to use a form of birth control that if by chance the effectiveness did waiver and I became pregnant I wouldnt lose the baby or have complications because of it. Would you mind sometime telling me more about your forms of NFP that work for irregular cycles?
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